Six months- COMPLETE!

okay, so this is LONNG overdue considering it is March…but I got my braces off on Jan 29th. 😄 I was originally very upset because my original appointment was Jan 27th. I was told I would be getting them off that day. And though the 6 months had flown by, these last 2 weeks were so difficult! Just knowing you have your braces on for no reason (other than keep your teeth aligned until you can get your retainers) was tough! The day before my appointment, I called the office because I had not received the usual confirmation phone call. The dental tech told me that my retainers had not come in and they couldn’t work me in until Monday Feb 2nd. I died. I think the lady heard the disappointment in my voice and luckily after a day, she called me and fit me in for Thursday Jan 29th. Phew! 

They attached my permanent retainers on top and bottom first. Then they took my braces off! Which feels super weird. Then they polished my teeth 3 different times. At the end, my teeth felt super slick! 

Then they fitted me for night retainers/whitnening trays. They also gave me an intensive Kor whitening kit. 

Needless to say, I am super happy with the results and I would def recommend Six Month Smile!!


The date is set!

I went in on Monday morning (jan 12th) and he said he loved the way everything looked. He filed some of my bottom teeth that were a little jagged and then they fit me for my lingual permanent retainers (the ones that go on the back of your teeth). They put these molds in your teeth to fit for the retainers then they send them to a lab. It takes about 2 weeks to get them in. Therefore, I have to wait these 2 weeks to get them off. So I go in on Tues Jan 27th at 2:30. It should be a 2 hr appt where they remove my braces and put my permanent retainers in. They will also fit me for plastic retainers that double as whitening trays.

The next time I post, I will be out of these suckers!!!!
Needless to say…I can’t wait for Jan 27th!!!!!


…the end is near…

It’s JANUARY! You know what that means?? On January 15th, I will have had my braces on for 6 months! I went in on December 20th and they added 3 “power chains”. Power chains pull the teeth together very tightly with an elastic band. They put one on my top teeth and two on my bottom teeth. They put them on top to close a gap that happened as a result of the braces. The ones on the bottom were meant to create more room for a tooth that needed to straighten out but didn’t have room. So after that adjustment, they had me come back 2 weeks later, Jan 5th.
I have to say I was a little discouraged…a bracket came out of the wire on one of my molars, my front teeth moved IN as a result of the power chain (not good), and the crooked tooth on the bottom didn’t move :(. I was very worried I’d have to wear them longer. However, my dentist knew what to do! He listened to my concerns and he made the right adjustments. He replaced the bracket that broke, adjusted the wire to fix my top teeth, and used IPR to make more room for my bottom teeth. The best way I can describe IPR is sandpaper floss. It is not pleasant. It’s painless but the sound it makes is awful! I also have to wear rubber bands on both sides from my top three molars to my bottom three molars to help close my bite evenly.
Anyways, here are some photos of my teeth as of today. He wants to see me back in a week to make any final adjustments before they fit me for a retainer (yay!). In theory, I will have them off by the end of the month! This picture of Gwen Stefani in braces makes me happy, so I threw it in there. 🙂





we’re in the home stretch, folks

I went in for the dentist to check my progress. As it gets closer to the 6 month mark, they have been seeing me every few weeks. I went in on November 20th. The dentist told me the rubber band worked quickly and did its job, so they took the “lingual button” off! Yay! That thing was extremely annoying and popped off every time I spoke. However, it caused a tooth that was previously straight to rotate. Therefore, he had to adjust the wire to fix that tooth. Then, he said something about my front teeth being uneven..ish? He said “I’m getting picky now, but I want your teeth to look nice.” So they popped off the bracket on one of my front teeth and re-glued it on in a different orientation. They also replaced my top wire which had become silver because the white coating had worn off. They also replaced the elastic floss-stuff on my bottom teeth to help keep my arch from expanding back out.

It kind of caused a weird gap between my front teeth, but I am sure that will close itself back up. As you can see in the picture, I have to wear a rubber band from my upper eye tooth to my lower eye tooth. This should close up the space on that side between the top and bottom bite. This rubber band is much less annoying because it actually stays on. My next appointment is on December 20th. That will be the 5th month! I got them on July 15th, 2014. I am hoping I am on track! At my next appointment, I am going to ask the dentist what he thinks about my timeline for getting them off. The first photo is a current photo vs. before. The second photo shows how visible (or invisible) the braces are from a distance.

Until next time!


Nov 20 Before/After Nov 20th

Fancy new accessory

Well, I am officially 4 months into my 6 month smile treatment! Yay! At my last appointment they installed a “lingual button” on the back of my upper eye tooth. It’s basically a small metal hook glued on the back of my tooth. I am supposed to hook a rubber band on the lingual button and stretch it onto my lower eye tooth. This is supposed to help correct the “jet-out” on my lower right side.
I get to wear this fancy accessory until December 1st (my birthday!). I have had it on a week and man, it’s annoying. One false move and it pops off…leaving you to gracefully put it back on by sticking your fingers in your mouth… :/ I don’t wear it when I eat or brush, but am expected to wear it at all other times.

I am so looking forward to getting rid of this rubber band!!!!



3 months complete! 3 to go. Okay- I am almost done! When I went in he said everything was looking good, my teeth are straight, but I have a small issue with my bite. He used “IPR”, which is practically sand paper floss, to make more room for my teeth to move. He wants to wait and see if that helps and then have me come back on Oct 27th to see the progress. If that doesn’t work, he wants to put on a “lingual button” to narrow my lower bite. Not sure exactly what that is…but I trust him. I found out that my dentist is actually somewhat of an expert on 6 month smile and he travels around the nation doing conferences and seminars and mentors other dentists who are using 6 month smile. It certainly makes me feel good knowing that he knows what he’s doing.

At this point, I pretty much forget I have them on…but I am still looking forward to getting them off 🙂

Until next time



2 down 4 to go

I had my second appt for my 6 month smile braces on Thursday. I am happy to say that things are going well. He said I am doing an awesome job of keeping my teeth clean. They added an elastic band to my bottom teeth to help bring in the lower teeth more. I also got a thicker wire. Needless to say, my teeth are SORE. Since no wires were adjusted at my last visit, I am looking forward to seeing more movement in this third month!

Oh and luckily almost none of the kids/faculty noticed or cared that I had braces….praise Jesus.